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Glass to Sand Bunker Shot


Cost Savings & Sustainability Gains For Golf

Reduce Waste | Lower Costs | Improved Sustainability

Glass to Sand The Ranch at Laguna Beach
The Ranch at Laguna Beach Logo

Implemented by The Ranch at Laguna Beach in California.

The Ranch at Laguna Beach was one of the first golf facilities to adopt the glass crusher and sand screening equipment. This enables them to create the required grades for bunker and divot blends improving their sustainability while making huge cost saving each year. And the glass sand plays great if you are unlucky enough to spend a bit of time in the bunkers. 

Bottles to Bunkers


Expleco crushed glass has high angularity, low sphericity and a flexible uniformity coefficient providing course specific blending for the desired bunker performance. 

Turtle Bay Glass to Sand
Turtle Bay Logo

Implemented by Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku Hawaii.

The Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii was an early adopter of the Expleco Glass to Sand technology within the golf industry to provide an onsite glass recycling solution for 408 guest rooms. The Glass sand is screened and use in various landscaping and golf applications across the two 18 hole championship Fazio and Palmer courses on site.

Glass Sand Divot Mix


On site rushed glass gives the course the flexibility to blend the perfect divot mix for their conditions. Each divot repair repurposes at least 1 crushed beer bottle. 

Pelican Hill Glass to Sand Bunkers
Pelican Hill Logo

Bottle Today, Bunker Tomorrow at Pelican Hill in California.

"A bottle today, a bunker tomorrow! Recycled glass bottles are ground into sand right here on property, reducing our costs and environmental impact. We'll raise a glass to that. Sustainability matters." Pelican Hill is a fine example of a property making small incremental changes with dynamic sustainability outcomes in both hospitality and across 36 spectacular golf holes.

Glass to Sand Landscaping


Glass sand grades that are not suitable for golf applications can easily be repurposed in landscaping, hardscaping and even irrigation pipe bedding. 

Crail Club Glass to Sand
Crail Golfing Society

An Ancient and yet progressive Club in Scotland.

The Crail Golfing Society was formed in 1786 as the 7th oldest club on the planet. With a progressive mindset the club was instrumental in the development of the women's game and the game of golf in general. It is no surprise that glass to sand equipment found its way to this iconic peace of history as sustainability concerns grow in the golf industry.

Glass Sand Swimming Pool Filter


Expleco has developed a pool filtration sand blend using 2 of the 5 screened grades of glass sand. This can save a facility with a pool thousands of dollars. 

Glass to Sand Mauritius
Anahita Golf Logo

Sustainability in an East African Island Paradise.

The Anahita Golf Resort in Mauritius was designed by Ernie Els and completed in 2008 to USGA standards. GLSand bottle crushers were installed via a local distribution partner primarily as a cost saving tool in a remote location with increasing pressure the landfill. The sustainability gains are now more evident as the world becomes more environmentally aware.

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